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Why Choose Retail Bag-in-Box Packaging?

Offer Your Products On-Tap in Multi-Use Packaging

Trust our innovative bag-in-box packaging systems for a total solution engineered to protect your products from fill through final dispensing.

  • Keeps air out, extending freshness once opened by up to four weeks.
  • Ergonomic, on-tap dispensing with extended freshness.
  • Up to 99% product evacuation from bag.
  • Shelf-stable, preservative-free products with aseptic packaging technology.
  • Multi-use, shatter-proof packaging that’s still portable.
  • Optimized product-to-package ratio, leaving minimal waste volume.
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumed in production.

Bag-in-Box PackagingBag-in-Box PackagingBag-in-Box Packaging

Save and Streamline with Bag-in-Box

For more than 20 years, we’ve pioneered innovative bag-in-box solutions that protect liquid food, beverage, and chemical products from fill through end-use. Bag-in-box is UN-Certifiable and offers cost savings and efficiencies throughout your supply chain.

  • Arrives at your plant flat, optimizing inbound logistics.
  • Smaller package footprint when filled.
  • Better cube efficiency than rigid containers like jugs and bottles, so more products fit on a pallet.
  • Minimize energy required for cold chain logistics with aseptic packaging technology.
  • Increased shipping and storage efficiencies.
  • Retail-friendly bag-in-box packages available in sizes from 1L up to 20L.

Bag-in-Box packagingBag-in-Box packagingBag-in-Box packaging

Flexible Packaging Brings Satisfied Customers

Our bag-in-box and pouches deliver your flowable liquid products—whether food, beverage, or non-food—to your consumers in convenient and easy-to-use packaging that helps boost their loyalty to your brand. We provide:

  • Convenient, user-friendly designs.
  • "Get it all out" packaging so nothing’s wasted.
  • Controlled dispensing with minimal mess.
  • Extended freshness and longer shelf life with aseptic packaging technology.
  • Lightweight and compact total packaging solutions.
  • Easy storage with a smaller packaging footprint.
  • Minimal package waste—flexible packaging collapses as it's used.
Bag-in-Box packagingBag-in-Box packagingBag-in-Box packaging

Protect Your Product From Fill Through End-Use

Trust our secure flexible packaging products to protect your products from fill through final use while providing cost savings and streamlining throughout your supply chain.

  • All products are clean, secure, and BPA-free.
  • Tamper-evident features available.
  • Reduced risk of damage in transit.
  • Secure films and seals keep products inside their packaging wall.
  • Extended freshness and longer secondary shelf life.
  • Closed-loop systems eliminate contact exposure.
Bag-in-Box PackagingBag-in-Box PackagingBag-in-Box Packaging

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Our innovative solutions help simplify and streamline, creating shipping and storage efficiencies which minimize costs and maximize profit.

  • Provides cost improvement and security of supply while optimizing logistics.
  • Optimized product-to-package ratio.
  • Reduces shipping and storage costs.
  • Eliminate costly cold chain logistics with aseptic technology.
  • Streamlines workflow and improves product yields.
  • Efficiently deliver products in a wide range of global markets.
  • Reduced touches for a streamlined ecommerce process.
  • Better cube efficiency so more packages fit on pallets.
bag in box Dispenser bag in box Dispenser bag in box Dispenser



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